Testimonials for Ana Livingston


"Thank you so much. I love the artwork! My sisters are jealous and want to ship you to Ohio to do their houses. Thanks again; it's just what I imagined!"
-S.M., private homeowner; commissioned the 2-panel Grapefruit Mural


"Ana is a fabulous muralist - and artist in general - whose attention to detail and determination to "do it right the first time" is commendable. Highly recommended."
-Randall Gillion, Producer-Writer-Director-Editor @ RGPmedia


"As an artist/muralist Ana is unique. She has an almost mystical ability to 'intuit' exactly what you want - even when you don't know and/or can't explain yourself; and the technical expertise to carry it off. Her work never ceases to amaze."
-Bob Georgius, Editor in Chief at Voice of the Village


"Ana is an incredible artist. Her work on wall murals in downtown Clearwater, Florida has created an aesthetic environment for the entire community. I recommend her without reservation."
-P. Christopher Music, CEO, Ecologics


"Ana is not only a great artist, totally dedicated to her work, but she backs it up with a great personality. What a combination!"
-Norbert Heuser, Owner, KS Audio


"Ana is creativity and organization in motion. A rare person who has both qualities generally not found under the same roof. She will get you whatever you are looking for."
-Pat Luefan, Sales and Marketing Consultant


"When it comes to ART, everybody's a critic but when it comes to Ana's art I have yet to find someone who is not floored by some aspect, some emotional connection to life that is evoked through her techniques. Her professionalism and desire to deliver a perfect product each time is her greatest trait. I recommend her, her art, her friendship."
-George Bruce, Marketing Consultant for ATRO Engineered Systems


"I have watched Ana as an artist consistently produce unique works of art which portray her own visions and style. These art works are quite refreshing to see. Her integrity in this area I am sure goes into all of her creations and affiliations with others."
-Bob Lawrason, CEO at Legacy Design


"I've observed Ana's artwork in downtown Clearwater and it was really beautiful and added a very nice touch to the building. We need more art like Ana's in Clearwater for sure."
-Joanie Sigal, Email Marketing / Social Media


"Ana is a great artist and accomplishes what she starts. She has a pleasing attitude and is quite organized, a rarity in the arts. I recommend her highly."
-Jack Potter, Artists In Action International, Chairman & President


"I've seen, read and enjoyed Ana's work for some time...she is gifted, talented and professional in her art, her words and images. If you read or see them, you will agree."
-Mark Gould, MEOR / Oil & Energy


"Ana is an extremely talented artist but also very importantly is that she creates a presence with her work it does not just sit there - it communicates. She is also very good to work with and puts her creativity into action whatever she is doing."
-Lawrence Jaffe, Freelance Copywriter/Writer/Poet


"Ana and her outstanding artistic work embodies the reason we love and are attracted to anything in life that is beautiful. Ana is that masterful as a visual interpreter. She understands how to create the effect that is is aesthetically pleasing and attractive. I recommend Ana to anyone who is searching for a real and true artist to capture the moment."
-Joe Yazbeck, CEO of Prestige Leadership Advisors


"Ana is a brilliant artist whose work from the written word as a visionary poet, vibrant oils on canvas and as an inspired muralist, I have come to greatly respect and adore. Her work never disappoints and is always a vital experience of artistic expression."
-Paul Matsumoto, Owner/ President at Prime Mover Solutions, LLC


"Ana is a great person who care for others is pretty much what describe her better. Ana has not only the ability to ask what is needed and wanted from you but also put it together and deliver what exactly you have asked her for."
-Dr Pedro Cordovez, Your Personal Wellness Coach with Herbalife Int.


"Ana is a fantastic artist as well as having credentials in business as a skilled administrator. I have known her for three or four years, and consider her to be an honest, reliable and responsible person."
-L.D. Sledge, Sledge the Ghostwriter


"Ana is a very talented artist, and creates great paintings and murals. I recommend her for any painting or restoration work."
-Ofra Friedman, Sculptor


"Creates beautiful images. Professional attitude."
-Steve Dockendorf, Songwriter/Producer at Dockendorf Audio Recorders